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corporate events

Introducing Mo's Desert Clubhouse, a unique + creative destination with no limitations.


Our venue is versatile and can accommodate any group number and catering options, and our events team absolutely love a challenge. 

With extensive connections in the music industry, our team can handle any entertainment you wish with a concert experience. 

We look forward to planning an experience to remember with you. 

el rancher0
El ranchero is a step into old money mexico with modernisations - vintage mexican tiles, hardwood features, clay brickwork, large timber deck, stage for entertainment and of course our very own lady of guadalupe shrine (featuring dolly parton). 

dolly partons cocktail menu is fresh and the alfresco dining area with an ever-changing cantina menu will be sure to impress your guests. 
the warehouse
SEATED - 100
the warehouse is an industrial desert oasis. top to bottom psychedelic warehouse walls, large stage with large adjoining greenroom, fully equipped with concert grade PA + backline & lighting rig.
winner of gold coast live music venue of the year 2 years running,  mo's warehouse hosts local & international acts, cabaret, launch + business events, celebrations, film nights and good times daily. 

Our bar has an extensive range of options including 4 taps, and equipped for fast and loud events, or custom built packages. 
18112023 Fear and Loathing Party-35 (1).jpg
entire venue
SEATED - 140
let's open the door that keeps the above 2 venues seperate. 
allow your guests to transport from one vortex into another throughout the entire night. all the individual quirks that each venue holds still stands. 

take a look at our 3d tour above and walk through the warehouse and into el ranchero yourself. 
carpark party
SEATED - 200
take out entire venue, and expand our licensed area into the adjacent carpark! Fenced off with festival fencing and decorated accordingly, this space bring the street party to life!
Room for an additional bars, stages, dance floors, furnishings, large dining, additional styling, games, skate ramps, trade shows and more.
crowd Mos 4th Birthday Sept 2023-73 (1).jpg
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