Mo's Desert Clubhouse was created out of necessity.  We needed somewhere to create, work and collaborate.  All the spaces at Mo's are dedicated to providing a comfortable space for creatives to do their thing.  Mo's is a clubhouse for creatives with 10 versatile spaces to do so!


As a licensed venue our spaces range from a large 240m2 creative warehouse and licensed bar, a state of the art vodcast / podcast studio, meeting and co working offices to band rehearsal spaces and private studios.

  • The Warehouse + licensed bar 

  • The Ranchero Beer Garden Deck

  • The Vodcast Recording Studio 

  • The Mojo Room Rehearsal Studios

  • The Gavel Room Co-Work Office 

  • Private Creative Studios


Available for short or long term leases, all our spaces are priced to be affordable for creative industry crew. 


NBN is complimentary throughout the whole space, aircon in all private spaces.  


The Ranchero is our newest addition to the space with fresh coffee served daily with Morena Espresso Burleigh and Breakfast, Lunch and dinner served by Beats N Feeds.  Bring your laptop and do some work or have a browse in Orbital Op Shop!  

Have a look at the spaces from the above drop down menu.