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Mo's Desert Clubhouse is a dedicated creative space, with so many to choose from it's easy to get confused! 

All bookings are done online for the following services: 

The Vodcast Studio for Recording Podcasts 

The Mojo Room Rehearsal Space for Bands 

Desert Clubhouse Studios Control Room and Band Space

The Gavel Room for hot desk and meeting spaces 

The DiCaprio Studio for product and fashion photography

It's easy to book, scroll down, figure out a package and a time that suits you. 

Book online.  If you have any questions, get in touch! 

Please note that Mo's has a strict 24 hour cancellation policy, any cancellations made within 24 hours of booking are non refundable.  You may reschedule your appointment up until this 24 hour window at no extra charge. Please ensure you read terms and agreements of your booking. 

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